New Website, Who Dis?

Well hello there. I’ve just had this site updated (by James Bustar – he does good work, huh?) and thought I should write a blog post to celebrate the grand reopening. It’s just nice to have something to celebrate as an entertainer in Pandemic Times, and I want to honour that.

What a time we’ve had lately, eh? Everything since March 2020 seems to have gone too fast and awfully slow at the same time. I’ve tried five times to write this post to welcome you to my new site. The first attempt turned into a rant about lack of support for the Arts in Australia. The second wasn’t any more positive. So I reckon I’ll turn it around on this one.

How are you? How has all this craziness affected you? I hope you’re healthy and safe. It’s interesting how our wishes for each other have changed while we try to outrun, outlast or outplay Covid 19. Its not so much about reaching for the brass ring, its making sure it’s been sanitised before you touch the damn thing.

Here’s to making it through this and coming out ready to have a laugh on the other side. I’ll update my gigs on here, knowing they may cancel. But you’ve got to have a crack, right?

Here’s to more time with family. To covid puppies and bingeing good TV. To video calls with people you love, and to hugs when they’re safe.

Youse are all tops.

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  1. Very well written : ) Giovanni, Gold Coast By the way, I watched the Sit Down Comedy producers interview, great stuff

    1. Aren’t you a charmer?! That blog post was written when the world was shut down, and my income instantly evaporated. I made it through, thanks. I hope your life got happier.

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