Newmarket Hotel Open Mic Night

Newmarket Hotel Crn Newmarket & Enoggera Roads, Newmarket, QLD, Australia

Open Mic is great. You'll see the birth of some dreams and the death of others. Entertaining either way, right? I'll be there hosting and hoping, and hosting and hoping...

Corporate Event – Gold Coast – Keynote Speaker

If you'd like to book me for corporate events, I'd love to chat! Whether its to host your awards night, gala or full conference, do a clean comedy spot to liven up your event, or as your keynote - I'm your gal.

Sit Down Comedy Club MC

Sit Down Comedy Club 168 Given Tce, Paddington, QLD, Australia

Dusty Rich, Ting Lim, myself and a few more comedy powerhouses will raise the festoon lights at Sit Down. Come be part of the shenanigans.

Rainbow Beach Sports Club

Rainbow Beach Sports Club Turana Street, Rainbow Beach, QLD, Australia

Rainbow Beach is a beautiful spot. What does it need? Comedy. That's what. Shad Wicka and I are all over it.

WA Tour

Do I know where any of these towns are? No. Am I excited to go and perform there? Abso - bloody- lutely. My good mate Kel Balnaves and I and some other very funny humans (Simone Springer, Emo Majek) will hit the road and get dusty in that way that doesn't require Berocca. If you're […]

Corporate Event – Mackay

MECC 258 Alfred St, Mackay, QLD, Australia

I love this event. Love it. Everyone in the room is so excited to be there, they've worked so hard to be nominated, or they're stoked to be able to support someone who is up for an award, and I love hosting it. It's run like clockwork, and I'm very honoured to be a part […]

Newmarket Hotel Open Mic Night MC

Newmarket Hotel Crn Newmarket & Enoggera Roads, Newmarket, QLD, Australia

Every Monday night at the Newmarket Hotel, you can see the birth or death of dreams. New comics figuring it all out, more established comics trying out new stuff, and a pro MC to keep it all trucking along. I love this night - the crowd is always up for a good giggle, and the […]

Headline – Sit Down Comedy Club

Sit Down Comedy Club 168 Given Tce, Paddington, QLD, Australia

This is going to be a good one. Two feature acts for the price of one. Shad Wicka is a very funny man.  I'm not sure he's recovered from the Matilda's Quarter final, to be honest. He felt every penalty, every goal...We were both quite prepared to leg it at our Rainbow Bay gig that […]

Double Feature – Wynnum – with Steven J Whiteley

Hudson Brewing 28 Gibbs St, Wynnnum, Australia

Hudson Brewing has beer. It's in a lovely spot on Brisbane's bayside at Wynnum. And, on November 24, it has comedy with Steven J and myself. Which is nice.