Latest Past Events

Corporate Event – Mackay

MECC 258 Alfred St, Mackay

I love this event. Love it. Everyone in the room is so excited to be there, they've worked so hard to be nominated, or they're stoked to be able to support someone who is up for an award, and I love hosting it. It's run like clockwork, and I'm very honoured to be a part […]

WA Tour

Do I know where any of these towns are? No. Am I excited to go and perform there? Abso - bloody- lutely. My good mate Kel Balnaves and I and some other very funny humans (Simone Springer, Emo Majek) will hit the road and get dusty in that way that doesn't require Berocca. If you're […]

Rainbow Beach Sports Club

Rainbow Beach Sports Club Turana Street, Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a beautiful spot. What does it need? Comedy. That's what. Shad Wicka and I are all over it.